Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Story to Live By

Following is a story I received which I would like to share with my readers – to appreciate what we have:

There was a blind girl who hated herself because she was blind. She hated everyone, except her loving boyfriend. He was always there for her. She told her boyfriend, 'If I could only see the world, I will marry you.'

One day, someone donated a pair of eyes to her. When the bandages came off, she was able to see everything, including her boyfriend.

He asked her, 'Now that you can see the world, will you marry me?' The girl looked at her boyfriend and saw that he was blind. The sight of his closed eyelids shocked her. She hadn't expected that. The thought of looking at them the rest of her life led her to refuse to marry him.

Her boyfriend left in tears and days later wrote a note to her saying: 'Take good care of your eyes, my dear, for before they were yours, they were mine.'

This is how the human brain often works when our status changes. Only a very few remember what life was like before, and who was always by their side in the most painful situations.

Life Is a Gift

Today before you say an unkind word - Think of someone who can't speak.

Before you complain about the taste of your food - Think of someone who has nothing to eat.

Before you complain about your husband or wife - Think of someone who's crying out to GOD for a companion.

Today before you complain about life - Think of someone who died too early on this earth.

Before you complain about your children - Think of someone who desires children but they're barren.

Before you argue about your dirty house someone didn't clean or sweep - Think of the people who are living in the streets.

Before whining about the distance you drive Think of someone who walks the same distance with their feet.

And when you are tired and complain about your job - Think of the unemployed, the disabled, and those who wish they had your job.

But before you think of pointing the finger or condemning another - Remember that not one of us is without sin.

And when depressing thoughts seem to get you down - Put a smile on your face and think: you're alive and still around.

Friday, June 25, 2010

The Strength of Mindset

You are what you think you are.  You can't be rich if you think that it will never happen to you.

You may have no idea what and how to be succesful in life now.  However, believe me, correct mindset will generate action plan through continuous learning and various source of life experience.

Here is meaningful story about mindset:

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Step by Step

What are your dreams (financial targets)?  Are you aiming for early retirement, starting you own business or having enough fund for children's education?  No matter what dreams you have in mind, you need to plan in order to achieve these dreams within stipulated period.  The amount required for each of your dream may be huge that may made you feel very difficult, or impossible, to achieve.  Is it really true that you really can’t achieve them?  If you think you can’t, you really can’t.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Return of REITs

There are comments that emphasize leverage works well on direct property investment but not REITs.  Real estate leveraging means you are using other people’s money (such as housing loan from bank) to invest in properties.  You may rent out your investment properties for rental in the expectation that net rental received (after installment as well as all related charges, expenses and/or opportunity loss) able to provide impressive return over your investment outlay. 

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Be a Great "Dreamer"

What you are is what you think you are.

Sound weird?  I used to think so but no more now.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Time for Yourself

Have you ever wonder how much time do you allocate for yourself?  I have roughly calculated mine. It surprise me.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Contingency Plan

You might have personal budget or financial plan.  You might also follow your plan closely.  However, do you ever realize that, most of the time, the result might not follow according to plan.  This is because the return of your investment might not according to your plan.  You are expecting your share investment to give you an annual return 20% but it gives you -10% due to unexpected market downturn.