Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Update of My Bank C's Cash Rebate Credit Card

Currently, I am having the cash rebate credit card from Bank C and Bank O. 
I just received my new Bank O's card in December 2013 for 1% rebate for whatever retail charges into the card.  I have been holding Bank C's for three years and it provides 5% rebate on petrol, 2% rebate on mobile phone bills & hypermarkets' shopping while only 0.3% rebate on other retail spending.  To optimize the rebate to be received, I have diverted other credit retail charges to Bank O's card to enjoy higher return.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Apply to be Accepted into the Program

The long waiting InvestBursa course is opening for new intake soon. But we are changing the way we enroll people into the program this year.


You need to apply to get accepted. See what I mean here.


Because we want to keep the direct 1-1 coaching group small, it's quality over quantity. And we only want the right people with the right mindset to take action.

Not people who intend to get rich quick overnight without any hard work. Yes, investing is a hard work by its own, but the outcome is a rewarding one.

Click here to apply, and we will send you another exclusive content of the program next Monday if you apply.

So you have an idea of how valuable the content is inside the program

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Up, Up and Away .....

Happy new year, my fellow readers.  It is another brand new year and we are on the way toward another era of high living cost such as hike of charges on electricity, assessment, school bus ....  Pheww, how are we going to get through all these?