Wednesday, December 6, 2017

你拥有你要的人生吗?Are You Having the Life You Want?





人生能为自己而活,能不为五斗米折腰,还要求什么呢?我可以很自豪的说我的时间是我的。是耕耘的成果也罢,是幸运也罢,重点是不要轻易对现实低头。每一个人的际遇都不一样,不可能照单全抄。唯一可以做的就是以务实的心态去面对现实,然后在思考该如何改变你现有的“窘境”。写出你的改变计划。跟着计划行事,再定时的跟进表现成果。若有偏差,及时纠正。这就是PDCA(Plan, Do, Check, Action)的精髓。若你想要改变现状,开始学习规划吧!

What is the meaning of life? Sadly, to most people, life is just doing routine tasks, day in and day out.

I used to be one of them. For more than 20 years of my working life, I keep asking myself whether my whole life will only be like that and that is it? To me, it is not fair. After I graduated from university, I self studied money management and designed my own stock investment strategy. Persistence has allowed me to attain financial freedom at the age of 40. But, is anyone care about the toughness of the process?

When I first joined the work force, my salary was really low. Fortunately, my parents understand my situation which allow me to have some savings. As a matter of fact, my parents are also financially independent. They understand that, nowadays, the life is not as easy as 50 years ago. Although they earned good income from doing business, they were frugal. I believe I was "inherited" from my mother who is extremely sensitive to numbers. Although my income was not high then, I still able to save some. Due to lack of investment knowledge, my parents are extremely conservative in money management. But, to me, as I am interested in numbers, I began to study financial management.

Today, I am proud to say that my time belongs to me. The point is not to give in to the reality easily. Since every person's life scenario is different, it is just impossible to copy and follow one's life model totally. The only thing you can do is to to face reality and ponder how to change your existing life. Write down your plan. Follow the plan and review the performance timely. Correct it if there is deviation. This is the essence of PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Action). If you want to change the status quo, start learning how to plan!