Sunday, August 29, 2010

How Do You Feel Today?

I watched this video through You Tube and it makes me feel life can't be better than what you are now.  Appreciate what you have and you are creating value for yourself.  Nobody is useless.  No excuse to be valueless.  Trust yourself and be yourself.

Happy always.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Is Your Insurance Agent Still Around? (Part 2)

During our chit-chatting, my wife told me that her colleague (hereinafter called Ms. A) is facing problem with her insurance servicing agent. While my wife has limited knowledge on insurance, Ms. A asked for her advice. Now, could you see the problem? The fact is, around us, there is a large percentage of public do not understand how insurance work. Therefore, it is the servicing agent’s responsibilities to ensure his/her client understand the nature of each and every policy before any commitment. However, how many servicing agents are actually caring their clients? Or are they caring their rice bowl?

Saturday, August 14, 2010

My REITs Investment Performance as at 31-July-2010

Refer to my previous post on REITs Investment Performance as at 31-May-2010, my REITs portfolio has grown another 0.8% in annualized return, from 21.1% to 21.9%, within 2 months.  This impressive return are main contributed by outstanding yield from HEKTAR and AXREIT which are generating 32.7% and 44.1% annual compounding rate.

Accept the fact that other good counters in Bursa were actually performing much better than REITs.  For example, my MAYBANK's holding was giving me a annual return of 67.3% as of 31-July-2010 for a holding period of a year and four months.

No matter you are buying REITs or other counters, there is, of course, another important factor that contributes terrific gain.  That is buy them when they are really cheap.  Majority of my current holdings were bought in early 2009 when market was so pessimistic.

As of my opinion, REITs is a good vehicle to generate stable and impressive income with relatively stable pricing. I might treat it as one of my income source during retirement.  If you have extra fund (after consideration of emergency buffer requirement) and have no idea where to invest, instead of putting it in low risk low return FD, do consider REITs.  Of course, some homework before any investment need to be done beforehand.

Good luck.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Infinite Wealth

This is my first very own stock investment book to share my years of experience on countering unpredictable stock market movement.

As stock market is so unpredictable, I have designed a system that works well and enable me to receive an average 15~20% annual return, no matter how the market moves.

In my book, I will reveal my very own company evaluation system to identify fundamentally sound companies.  With these shortlisted established financially sound companies in your list, I will also show my technique on spotting the right timing on entering and exiting for profit maximization.

The processes indicate in my book have been proven through years of pilot testing by using my hard-earned money.  As get out the rat-race by my early 40s is my major financial target, sustainable passive income is a must.  I must have a solid system to ensure that and here I have developed one.  It works and I will like to share it with my fellow readers.

Do grab a copy at any major bookstore.  Your inquiry, testimonial and/or comments are most welcome.

Happy investing.